About Us.

My Story.

Sole Soul Creations was founded in the summer of 2020 by me, Shayla Paige. I connected over my affinity for natural healthy beauty products. My personal struggles with eczema and fascination with all things natural, brought my skincare line alive. With ingredients for maximum benefits, each skincare product is made with LOVE.


Meet The Founder.

Hey all, my name is Shayla and I am 28 years young. As an adolescent, I was introduced to farmers markets. However, around 2014, I was reintroduced to them with a probe interest for natural beauty products. Being that I was now older, this took an enormous effect on my life choices. I also grew up with eczema. This caused my skin to be extremely dry and sensitive to many products. Growing up as the only child of five, now six, with this socially natural flaw, caused me to be extremely cautious of product consumption. My parents taught my siblings and I to always be self-sufficient, so creating a skincare line would be a new skillset to add to the list. So here we are. Both my Parents and Farmers Markets were my leading inspiration to start this business. I wanted to create natural beauty products that were loving to the skin. These products would have little to no chemicals to assist with skin nourishment. With the perfect opportunity to finally be able to begin this business, I can only say it was in God’s timing.